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When she was told her 3yr old child would be chronically ill for at least another decade and on a 24/7 drug regime, including two different steroids, this ordinary mother followed her instinct and questioned the entire medical profession. Melanie says “This was his childhood, I was doing everything the doctors, specialists and paediatricians told me to do, and nothing was getting better”.

Common sense told her there had to be another way and, within three months, she had weaned her son off all conventional medicine. Her GP was amazed and said: “I don’t know what you have done but this child is well. “

What she found is that if you only use prescription drugs it’s like only using a toaster to cook with, you will never eat roast chicken.

Endorsed by medical professionals, Toasters Don’t Roast Chickens, by Melanie Gow, is one inspirational mum’s crusade to give other mums the confidence to believe that, when it comes to their children, they do know best.

As Melanie Gow says “The book doesn’t tell you what to do, being told what to do it alright for 6yr olds, it is that best friend who can talk things through with you that I wish I’d had.

Melanie Gow describes herself as an ordinary mum. But, when told that her son’s conditions would need steroids, antihistamines, antibiotics, painkillers and intermittent ear surgery for what was predicted to be at least a decade of his life, she decided to use that maternal instinct and make a heroic stance.

She took a long look at her son and realised that she was the person who knew him best of all, and would be the only person sufficiently committed to finding the right solutions for him. Within a year he was winning cross-country races for his school, and went paintballing with his mum, something that was unimaginable then.

At the age of 16 he walked for 33 days over the Pyrenees and 800km across Spain to Santiago de Compostela.

Melanie has since been invited to the House of Commons for a cup of tea with her MP, to discuss the role a parent takes in the care of a sick child. She believes that all a patient, or parent of a patient, needs is to ask good questions to be effective.

As Dr Keith Scott-Mumby says, “Melanie Gow’s persistence and energy in tracking down the solutions she needed for her son’s difficulties should be an inspiration to all parents.” Melanie hopes to give back parents the confidence she developed and hopes other children will get a chance to enjoy their childhoods – and certainly for mum’s to get their sense of humour back.

Melanie Gow believes that if she can do it any one can, and “and our families deserve this.”

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