Other Mothers Have Their Say

“Most doctors do a fantastic job most of the time in my experience, however a mum knows her children best and this helped me really have the confidence to trust myself”

“I was reassured to find the book making such a strong case for using both conventional and alternatives in the right place”

“This explains how important it is to get to the root of the problems rather than addressing the symptoms”

“My experience has been that conventional medicine cannot offer a solution to some problems, and in the instances where it can it may mean taking drugs long–term which is undesirable, this gave me perspective”

“A one-to-one parent’s experience is better than a medical perspective. GP’s are too general – they just throw antibiotics at you.”

  “My main concern is to protect my children from the aggressive approach to symptoms which is common to many health professionals”

“I felt I should broaden my thoughts generally on my children’s healthcare. It is something I have been keen on doing for a long time but was not sure where to start, until now”

“I did not expect the book to provide all the answers, but it did give me a firm ground to start from and in an accessible and inspiring way”

“I too have not had great experiences and this gave me more knowledge to stop me from being overly concerned and jumping to the wrong conclusions”

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