More Endorsements From Professionals

“Melanie Gow knows something that we all need to know. She has learnt that it is possible to combine alternative therapies and traditional medicine and to come up trumps. In ‘Toasters Don’t Roast Chickens’ she tells us how to do it while holding onto our integrity and our sense of humour.

We do not have to be blinded by science while waiting for doctors who do not have time to see us. Nor do we have to visit sandal-wearing practitioners and go on boring diets and change our whole lives. Gow teaches us how to dance between the two different forces for healing and to choose what is right for us and for our children.

If we do what she suggests our families will be stronger, healthier and happier and we will be  able to take responsibility for our health.”

Julie Lynn-Evans. B.A., B.A.C., U.K.C.P. – TV Child psychotherapist and author of “What About The Children”

“Your son must be a remarkable child and you must be pleased about his healing abilities. I am delighted to hear stories like yours.”

Suzi Smith – co author of “Beliefs: Pathways to Health and Wellbeing”

“I would heartily recommend this book to many of my clients as it reveals what I try to teach from someone who has learnt, someone like them. Good for you Melanie.”

Anna Foxell – Homeopath and NCT facilitator 

“Practical guides to medicine are badly needed”

Lyall Watson – author of “Supernature”

“As a healthcare professional with over 15 years experience in paediatric nursing care, I can only say that this extraordinary woman has used intelligence, motherly love and great determination to aid her child against all odds and conventional medicine. An interesting, factual read which will give mothers the courage to question the medical profession”

Avril Cartwright SEN, RGN

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