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About Me

One January I found myself in a medical walk-in clinic, at midnight, in my pyjamas. Again.

With a baby under one arm needing feeding and a three-year-old hanging off the other needing help to breath, I had to explain to the on-duty locum that our son Ben, was a a bit more than tired. He had slept through only eight nights, ever, he lived on a diet of drugs more than food. He was profoundly deaf in one ear and hearing impaired in the other and he had related learning difficulties.

I was told our lives would be like this for a decade or more and I could not accept that ... at least not without a fight ...


There are many of us who have cared deeply about our children's welfare, yet when faced with illness have given up something of ourselves to "experts": well-meaning family medical practitioners, medically trained with their own life experiences, biases and beliefs. We trusted that their intent to help us would provide the answers, and when their doors closed at 6pm we were left trying to manage our children's discomfort.

Melanie Gow’s story is one of trials, hope and understanding, she heard and answered a call, one we all hear when our children are suffering. And became a modern day heroine for us all.

The original meaning of the verb 'to heal' is ‘to be made whole’; her story inspires us to be our own advocates, understanding our own illnesses, their gifts and the many possible solutions.

I have known Mel since the early days of her motherhood and given witness to her journey.  Her example inspires every inquiry I make, to understand wellness.

Matthew Carratu D.O. M.G.Os.C. Registered Osteopath,

Director of the Nuffield Dyspraxia Program.


The Story of an ordinary mum

who challenged conventional medical thinking

and transformed the health of her chronically-ill child


The Charity this book is proud to support is, Kiva